Meet dr. guiney


I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO. In 1983. My specialty is looking at the whole personal structurally and biochemically. I believe these aspects of healing are dynamically interrelated.

I use a gentle approach when adjusting a patient's spine. I use both, by hand adjusting and non-force instrument adjusting techniques combined with physical therapy, therapeutic massage and whole food supplementation.

Nutritionally I advise patients to eat a healing diet (please see Prescription for Health and Healing on the navigation bar) and to supplement with whole food supplements not isolated vitamins (click here to Juice Plus).

I believe the power that made the body can heal the body and that healing in a natural process that begins form the inside-out. The only power that can heal any condition is the body's extraordinary ability to repair and rebuild itself. Give the body what is needs: a healthy flexible spine with full nerve flow, whole food nutrition and peace of mind and there is a good chance that health will be restored and maintained.

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If my approach to health interests you, please give me a call and come in for a free consultation.
It would be a pleasure to work with you. You could be a Chiropractic patient or Nutritional Client or Both. Your choice!
You can be a Nutritional client and live anywhere within U.S and Canada.


Paul Guiney, D.C.
Chiropractor, Nutritionist

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